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George Kaadi

Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing one for investment, debt consolidation or any other purpose. Of course you can go to any Bank or any mortgage broker and get a mortgage. The questions that I would ask you what did you get. • Is your mortgage tax Deducible? • Is your mortgage making you money? • Did you know that you could build a personal retirement portfolio with the same monthly payment that you are currently paying? I specialize in working with Homeowners like yourself to help you create a unique mortgage strategy that: • Gets you the most competitive interest rate • Enables you to convert the mortgage interest into tax deductions year after year • Pays off the mortgage faster • Builds an investment portfolio without any additional extra cash outlay • All simultaneously As your local Mortgage Centre Specialist, I'll get Canada's leading lenders to compete for your mortgage in an electronic bid process that guarantees you the best available package of rate and mortgage strategy. My service costs you nothing*, and because I work for you - not the Banks - I can offer unbiased advice and put you on a unique wealth creation strategy. It is your Money, please let me help you save your. I am looking forward to putting you on this path to wealth creation.

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